Urgent complaint to the royal family in Sweden

 Send this urgent complaint to the queen and the king of Sweden and all the royal family in the wonderful Kingdom of Sweden, a complaint against the Swedish Embassy in Saudi Arabia It dealt the Swedish Embassy lightly and recklessly and in a manner not humane nor fair with the call I received from my niece, a Swedish citizen to visit in Sweden and get to know her family and spend Christmas New Year there, but responded embassy was shocking and devoid of logic and reason is not irrelevant to the most basic human rights

carry a  I am a Yemeni citizen May name Khaled  Al-dhubhani  master's degree in journalism, media and author of children's stories and do a media secretary of the Yemeni embassy in Riyadh has been sent to my niece two books of my synthesis and published by a Saudi publishing house I was impressed by my niece tales they said the children Sweden could benefit if translated tales to Swedish immediately sent me invitation to visit and try to find a publishing house holds a Swedish translation and publication of anecdotes but the Swedish embassy refused to grant me a visa As strange reason for the refusal is that the embassy has said it does not guarantee my return if I went to Sweden I do not know how the embassy knew that I would not come back I hope that the royal family is precious Swedish Foreign Ministry fairness and allowing me to visit my niece in Sweden and try to publish stories of children across translated into Swedish in order to benefit the Children Sweden, it is wonderful and useful tales also think my niece